Lay to rest…

I often write poetry to relieve some of my pent up emotions; I haven’t done this for quite some time but tonight I feel I need an outlet…

There is a beauty about this night, ‘Tis clear for all to see

The stars shine brightly in the clear midnight sky

The air smells of freedom, of new beginnings, of home

The moon makes promises of a lighter tomorrow,

And naught but the whisper of the wind can be heard

Yet still, the madness comes for me

It seeps into my pores

It clings to all I am and erases all I was

It speaks to me in whispered words

Plants the seeds of hate and worry

Paranoia is in bloom

For I  am the despised, I am your certain doom

Still it comes, this creature in the night

Like a beast, it stalks me

Like a fiend, it feeds upon my very soul

My hopes, my dreams, gone, devoured

Gone, like my happiness

Gone, like my drive, my control, my very self

And those eyes are always watching

They judge as I make my decent

Dive, into the familiar ocean

Of nothing, of everything,

Of insanity.

I despise the fall

And yet, I crave the silence

Crave the inverted ball of ignorance that I become

Crave the selfishness

An excuse to give in,

Oh, what I would give

To lay rest to this monster

and finally, to live…


2 thoughts on “Lay to rest…

  1. mckarlie says:

    You should keep writing, you have a talent for it. I have experienced this beast, only recently have i found the strength to fight it. all the very best

  2. Becky Bee says:

    Yep, you are talented!!

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