I love sitting outside, as still and quiet as the night; I love to listen – especially when the wind blows, spreading my hair behind me like a cape… The wind carries secrets, it spreads the world’s noise… I have always felt empowered standing in the wind – it is cleansing, it is refreshing and it makes me feel alive.
At this time of year, as winter yields to spring, the sounds change and so does my mood; birdsong competes with distant sirens, the laughter of children competes with the rush of traffic… my heart’s song competes with the logic of my mind… and I listen and I feel because it is all beautiful.

As the cold permeates I feel alive. It reminds me of who I am and how fragile we can be.

I wish I could always be as mindful of my surroundings as I am in the deafening silence, outside, in the wind…


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