A cacophany of life

A cacophony of life

How sweet the sound

Of children on the outside

Parents on the ground

Of tears and hugs and happiness

and all the love we’ve found

Of all that makes us human

Take stock, look around


A cacophony of life

And nought but a whisper

To the man in the darkness

Nor his black-hearted sister

To the people with nothing

and those with more

Think of all that’s inside

and you’ll know the score


All around the days will weave

In black and blue and gold

A giant web

Of all we are

To complete as we grow old

If only we would listen

To this cacophony of life

The love around us glistens

like the sharp end of a knife

But its all we have, all we’ve got

Love every moment

Before life is what is not




One thought on “A cacophany of life

  1. This is so beautiful ❤ Great writing!

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